Cooking Classes

In this class, you will enrich your cooking skills by learning about typical Umbrian dishes and how to match appropriate wine. A cook and a sommelier conduct this hands-on class with passionate enthusiasm. Roberta, with her natural abilities to turn any ingredients in a appetizing dish, will walk you through the making of a complete Umbrian dinner. You will work with her in preparing home made tagliatelle (flat noodles) with or without egg and appropriate sauce. The menu is seasonal and may include dishes like pasta, agnello in fricassea – a special lamb dish from this region,- and cod fish with raisins and plums to give a few example. Extensive vegetarian-only menus made from local organic produce are also available.


The class will include the preparation of an appetizer, first course (pasta, rice or soup dish), second course (meat, fish, game or vegetarian), side dishes and dessert. During the class, Lanfranco, a knowledgeable sommelier, will teach you how to appropriately match each course with the appropriate wine. Classes have a duration about 4 hours. At the End of lesson There will be dinner MADE from dishes prepared during the course.

The cost is € 110.00 per person for a maximum of 2 participants.
The cost is € 80.00 per person for a maximum of 4 participants.
The cost is € 70.00 per person for a maximum of 8 participants.
Reservations are required.

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